I need a L4D zoey screenshot.

I googled and its full of fucking horrible naked pictures.
I want a NOT NUDE ZOEY which is INGAME
and is drawable
Like a black background.
Please post,i can’t take watching more fucking nasty shit.

Be a man.

Also, pose it yourself.

Make it yourself, we’re not your employees to do whatever you want.

You want only Zoey “in game” with a black background?
And what would she do? Should she be armed or have a certain pose. Pretty flimsy request.

GUYSGUYS make me a screenshot with zoey plz i tryed 2 google good bg but dey sux DOITFORMEPLZ



Hope I helped :3:


Hell I laughed at this.

Horrible naked pictures? :raise:

Oh damn you ninja.

Goooooogle is good enouuugh?

Pose it yourself lazy. :smug:

Maybe he sucks the head at posing :smug:

wow her left hand is really fucked.

Not a problem if you draw that yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny ingame bug though? .-.


I doubt he wants a picture of Zoey where she looks like a 12 year-old boy. That’s Zack, not Zoey.

What the fuck hunter O.o



Either way she’s horribly ugly and someone you wouldn’t see IRL


I hope I helped.