I need a little help. -->(Detailed explanation)<--

Sorry about the wall of text.

So basically I’ve been a mapper for about 6 years now and throughout this time I’ve used a few different computers to do so. Recently I have acquired a new laptop for my merry adventures. The computer is reasonably spec’d, it has an Intel i7 2720QM, 6GB DDR3 RAM and a ATI Radeon 5650 and runs everything I want to just as well or better than its predecessors bar just one thing. Hammer editor is an uncontrollably laggy bastard on this machine. The camera view is jumpy and glitchy no matter what viewing mode its set to. It takes entire seconds for Hammer to register that I have in fact moved the cursor away from the x/y axis box and that it is now on the y/z box so that I can begin to shape the brush that I had just created. Loading the texture browser takes a solid 3-4 seconds and then proceeds to wait another 1-2 before any textures begin to emerge. I think from that you can understand the sort of troubles I might be having in actually mapping without becoming extremely pissed off and closing the application. I have tried everything but talking to you guys about what the problem could be. I’ve done the obvious like re-installing Source SDK and running it in windows XP compatibility mode. I have also tried the obscure things like re-downloading the all my drivers for my graphics card and processor. So now I try the most obscure thing of all and asking the good, terrible and downright genius people of facepunch for their help.
Thank you.

Had Hammer for years and years, get a new (higher spec’d) computer and suddenly it lags like a 9 year old playing CoD on dial up. I have tried a bunch of ways to fix it without success, help my sorry ass.

Try running Steam as Administrator or compatibility mode?

I tried compatibility mode but not Steam as administrator, I’ll try that now, thanks.

Unfortunately that did not solve the problem, any other ideas?

Apart from re-installing the SDK, refreshing game configs, nope…

Yeah tried those, oh well, thanks for your help anyway.

I’ve heard that running Steam in compatibility mode may cause it to become instable…
Anyways, try to re-installing SDK and if else fails, write to Steam support. It should not lag on your specs.

No matter how high the specs are, it’s still a laptop.
When it comes to laptops, they are always riddled with problems when it comes to gaming, 3D apps, stuff like that.

Definitely shouldnt be mapping on a laptop.


Well i might be able to contribute to your problem.
What drivers are you using? The ones of the manufacturer (usually in a package)?
My girlfriend wassnt able to play certain games on her laptop. So i downloaded the drivers from the grahpic card’s manufacturer’s website (in your case ATI)
Now it works like a charm.

If i can throw in a pointless comment:

If you bought an i7 for mapping, it was a serious waste of cash. Enjoy that overpriced heap.

But yes, mobile chips can cause a mass of issues. Also, ensure the laptop is running plugged in, and it needs to be running in max power mode or whatever they call it. Some laptops have a power saving mode as default, which clocks down the cpu and switches the gpu to an intel thing.

I map on a laptop… well, always? like phoenix says,try to run it on full graphics mode(plugged in), power plans seriously screw up Hammer and such.

Apart from that, make sure your GPU drivers are completely up to date. if you’ve just installed a new OS, for example XP onto a win 7 Laptop, then you may simply have hardware compatibility isssues that are affecting more than expected? My friends laptop wouldn’t play sound at all, but I had deactivate the the advanced features installed with the speaker drivers, cos xp wouldn’t support them.

They annoying thing is, you can’t pin point the problem exactly, because, as far as the laptop’s concerned, everything’s running fine…

Why would anyone go back to XP from Windows 7? It’s absurd.

Speech SDK

Not a good enough reason to switch back to that piece of shit, and I’m pretty sure it’s available for Windows 7 on MSDN (so not public yet, but not far off.)

Unfortunately I had already tried new drivers for my graphics card and processor without success.
I’m not sure what your point was when you said that I should not be mapping on a laptop and I would like some evidence to support this fact as I have mapped on many laptops over the years without (much) trouble.
I also made sure that It wasn’t running in a power saving mode when I mapped and there was no change.

In my defense I didn’t buy my laptop for mapping, I had merely wanted to do some mapping while I was away from my home.
Secondly would it be possible or easier to just keep the CPU overclocked for a period of time to see if that makes a difference?

No need.

What i mean by new drivers, dont use the drivers delivered by the laptop manufacturer. Download them from ATI.

And hammer being a laggy bitch supports my statement that they shouldnt be used for mapping, let alone gaming in general.

I can run GTA IV on my laptop, you mad?

For some reason i know imagine a kid with a trollface, standing on his laptop pretending to be running with a GTA 4 box under his arm.