I need a Lua coder for my server !CCC!

Hello i need a Lua coder for my server.The server is running Darkrp,i will pay you by making you server management [Owner]
And i need a Npc car dealer,and it can also save.And i hope i see one of you guys server management of the server. Thanks!

TBH, no one really wants to be an admin+ on a server because they’re MOST LIKELY never going to actually join.

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Regardless, I have a car dealer npc I can offer you. PM me.

Your right!Thanks may i add you?I like to talk over steam.Thanks!!

I could make you a NPC car dealer, But the cars wouldn’t save
I’d need a MySQL and to be paid for that bro

Nah its ok i got it…Thanks to InfernalCookie,But i still need a coder!

I’ll make you custom scripts, I wouldn’t even care to have admin on your server, i already own 3. Payments for each script sounds nice :smug:.

your an idiot why would you have a mysql database…

Maybe to keep track of who owns what car?

Also, you pay people to be server management. You don’t pay them with it.