I need a Lua(er)

I need a pretty good Lua scripter’s help. Ive got this gamemode (Jailbreak) and i need some help coding some stuff for it

A couple things ill need

Able to drawHUD at the bottom left of evry players screen

Something that says like “Hit F3 to play” Then once they hit it it goes away

A menu that pops up when u hit F1. Just has text on it

And a couple more things that ill need to lookat. If any1 is interested in helping me PM me on steam. Aced224


I can make you a moderator on my server also

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title" - mahalis))

I can do this for you.

I added you on steam.

Don’t let Jova do it, he’ll just make it even worse than it is now.

U sure? Lol Im pretty fucking desperate


Any1 else? Is Jova trustworthy?

He is not. Shitty coder (I’m not good, but neither is he).

Stop band-wagoning, Jova is good at the kind of stuff OP requested, combine is just trolling as usual.

Trolling? I’m pointing out that the OP wants something with a menu. Which Jova isn’t exactly good at.

Just a window that pops up withtext whenF1 is hit



Ok. I wont listen tioo the trollers. Jova, ill be on l8r today

Jova is a good coder.

No need for this