I need a LUA script

Hi guys im coming here cause i think the best lua coders are in this forum.

I was searching for a lua script/addon that let me spawn a prop with a texture (material).
I need this because i play in some servers with the material / colormater tool restricted or for donators.

This should be useful for things like: spawning a couch with a alternative texture, a phx plate with metal texture, a box with glass texture, etc etc…

If any can help me i will be grateful :slight_smile:

Needs to be serversided I guess.
Sorry mate.

You sure? I found a guy using something similar, but he dont told me the addon.


By any chance are you talking about GangWarsRP?

nope, and why is needed to be serverside? Is not possible to spawn a prop with a material using a script?

It is serverside sadly.

You can spawn a prop using the gm_spawn command

Also, in console type colmat_ and you get all the console commands. Set material using _material “” and colours using _r, _g, _b.

There is one for activate on spawned props so spawn the props then disable it.

Im interested in this. Can you explain it a bit more detailed plz?


I have found how it work but I have noticed only work in servers with ColorMater installed. Thanks you very much for this info dude, I think others will find it useful.

If anyone have another alternative system post it please so we can have all posibilities on the table,

I’ll do it for 5 bucks