I need a max payne 2 model pack.

preferably with these characters:

Max Payne 1 Max

Mona from MP 1 and or 2

Vlad (either version)

the cleaners. (3 different models)


vinnie’s mobsters. (3 different models)


Mike the cowboy

I am not really experienced with models, but I could take a look in the ressources. Will take time though.

That’d be perfect

Theres already Max Paynes 1 & 2

Surprisingly, these are all done except Max Payne 1 Mona, because I don’t remember her model being in MP1 (though I could be wrong since I haven’t played MP1 in a long time) as well as Mike and Vinnie’s henchmen

MP2 Mona Sax
Cleaners (they’re HL2 skins, but they’ll still work
MP1 Max Payne
MP2 Max Payne
Vinnie Gognitti

I helped in the development of two of them. c:


and somebody ported the weapons here

Ah good, because I just found out that had lost my old MP games…no joke, I can’t even buy the games on steam due restrictions.

Is the sale still on for them? I’ll buy them for you if they are. :haw:

You just missed a sale where you could buy both for 2.99 USD. Bad timing.

That is correct, Mona only showed up in MP1 in those comics. She never actually appeared in-game.

Wow, that’s really nice of you 8).
But don’t bother for my sake, I will just wait til the release of Max Payne 3. Maybe there will be a pack with all three then, and hopefully restricitions will be lifted. But I’ll keep your offer in mind, thanks.

thanks but the textures on vinnie don’t work.