I need a model animator.

**Hello, I am looking for someone adept in model animations, specifically for player-models, for a project I am currently working on.

As you can see from the picture below, while the model itself seems to be just fine, the frame of the player-model simply does not fit the wide shoulders of the typical Space Marine. According to a model rigger that I talked to, I need an animator to make custom animations for these player-models to fix the default animations that are squishing the shoulders together. Any animator willing to help us would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in helping out, either send your steam profile to me in a PM, or post it in this thread, and I will contact you shortly. Thank you in advance.

Current model with faulty animations that squish the pauldrons into the chestplate.**


An ideal result I am looking for. Pauldrons at the sides, and hands actually holding the weapons.


I think you need more of a rigger than an animator.

The skeleton (Bones that allow animation and movement) is what’s causing this. For that, you would need someone to re-rig the character and re-port it for Source.

Thanks, I’ll fix the OP now

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Bump, any form of help would be appreciated.

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So after some searching, I finally found a rigger, only for him to tell me that the problem is, infact, an animation problem, and requires custom animations to fix. Once again, it would be great if anyone who can animate models could help.

The model is already rigged for animations, but HL2 citizens weren’t exactly built for an 8 foot tall Hulk stature. I think people had trouble pulling any actual animations from Space Marine because it used Havok’s fancy toolkit for all of that and no SDK was planned. Unless offsetting the bones in PAC doesn’t look awful once the animations transition, custom animations are pretty much the only option assuming you can find anybody.

The pauldrons look the right distance apart to me, but the rotation is off. Judging by the painted model, the pauldrons should be perpendicular to the shoulders. You could try rotating the pauldrons back a bit on the Z axis and recompiling? I mean rotate them and then re-parent the bones to them. Not sure if that would make some animations look weird though.

The location of the bones and skeleton won’t matter as much. They’ll be forced into whatever positions the animations they’re adapting (HL2 citizens) use. If you mean splitting the pauldrons into separate bones, that might work on certain animations but it could result in clipping in other animations which doesn’t help. It’d also leave the arms clipping with the body.

Forget about bones completely for now. What I’m thinking is that if you changed the position of the bones before skinning them.


So if the animations currently force them to rotate by say 30°, then what I was suggesting is to got back into the modeling program, un-parent them from the bones and rotate them by -30°, then re parent them and compile.

That would only mean the bones get rotated resulting in your elbow bending in ways it really shouldn’t, for example. The pauldrons aren’t the only thing having clipping problems and moving the bones off the arms would result in horrible deformations.