I Need a Model Enlarged from 40x40x40 Hammer Units to 64x64x64 Hammer Units

I’ve been working on this zombie mod map that consists of players destroying crates to shape the map, but the problem is that because of the engine’s 4096 entity limit; I cannot fill the area I want to with boxes because I hit the limit too soon.

It’d be really nice if someone could enlarge it for me and possibly get rid of the gibs so that it doesn’t cause players to lag like ass when crates are being destroyed.

There’s a ReadMe file inside of the file that will give instructions on what I want the model to be renamed since It won’t be replacing anything.


Here you go, with any luck this should work:

Thank you so much, it works like a charm!

I’ll be adding you to the map credits, I’ll send you a link when the map’s finished!