I need a model makers help for some easy model adjustments

I previously had an aquaintance make me a few models, however he has been inactive and my beta server is moving along quickly, so I’m turning to facepunch for help. One of the models I have is the rough draft of a machine gun that still needs some finishing touches.

Most importantly, I need the model to have some ‘attachments’ added; which I personally know nothing about. All I know is that in order for the model to work with the code/entity I’m using in my gamemode, it needs to have two entities, one called Muzzle(where the bullets fire from), and one called Hookup(Where the gun attaches to a tripod.) My very limited Blender knowledge hasn’t helped, so I need someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Also, there are some simple adjustments I’d like to have made to some parts of it.

Please let me know if you can help, and if I should take this question somewhere else, please inform me.


Base changes and Skin 1

Skin 2

Skin 3

If you’re feeling generous, I’d ideally like to have three skins when all is said and done, all selectable with the context menu skin switcher thing. I want to be able to give my players the best options within a reasonable resource budget, and this is one of the little things that everyone can enjoy.

since this is not a garrysmod specific question it should be moved to here. you should also offer some incentive for people to actually help (money is always a good incentive)

Ah thank you! It’s been ages since I’ve used Facepunch, and I recall there used to be a modelling subforum for Garrys Mod, and I wasn’t able to find it when posting this. And as far as compensation goes, i’d be willing to throw some money at whoever can do it in a timely manner. That’s all up for negotiation.