I need a modeller for a very small project

I am looking for a modeller for a vert small project, all im after is if someone could take the Tf2 scout and make it a playermodel for garrys mod as i cannot find one in the workshop and i cannot make my own as i am clueless about how to do it


I’ll give it a shot. I remember there was an issue with missing eyes when decompiled, but I think it can be fixed.

Cheers man, just let me know if you have done it. i really appreciate it. :smiley:


I tried.

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(I’ll try to find the issue, but the TF2 models are really bad)

What’s the problem with the TF2 models? You can play as them just fine in-game. Is there an issue with how TF2 and GMod are incompatible or something?

No, they just get very screwed up when you decompile them.

Has there been any luck fixing it? or is it just not going to work?

I’ve tried a lot of different methods; I just can’t get it to animate.

Do you know the problem exactly?

I don’t. It has all the proper bones and ikchains.

oh right damn, well if you find the problem let me know, if you wanna give up its cool. Just let me know either way