I need a modeller to create a Bioshock Multiplayer mod for Unreal Engine 4.


I’m a level designer, i worked before on Hammer Editor (since 1 year) and i decided to go on Unreal Engine 4 (better graphics).

I really wants to create a Bioshock Multiplayer mod, from scratch, just with bioshock sounds, models, and materials.

If you wants how Bioshock can looks like on UE4, look this video.

For the alpha, i think the mod will be only Exploration, with a clean rapture.

I will need too playermodels with UE4 animations, and weapons (in bioshock style).

If you are interested, your work will just be to convert bioshock models for UE4, i know how to do, but i’m not good at modelling, so i don’t know how to enable collisions or create it, and put the material on.

You can contact me here :

People will want money for this. Do you have any previous work to show? Thats quite a big project.

I’m myself do a free work, so no i don’t plan to give money.

I think if someone really like the project, he can work for free like me.

And i can’t show something because i don’t have the bioshock assets yet… It’s why i need a modeller.

I would highly suggest you put together a working prototype at least before you come in and ask people to do vast amounts of work for you for no cost. You don’t need assets to make a mutliplayer map, that’s just dressing for the core gameplay.

Aren’t you the guy with a bunch of other threads asking for help with mods and whatnot. Where are they?

Okay, so if you want pictures of my work…

It’s not finished, but i build a little level for preview, and it’s with deus ex assets, it’s included in UE4.

EDIT : A more detailled version.

this guyyyyyyyyyyyyy

A little progress :

I’m very limited in assets, so it’s normal it can looks like like the preview…

okay, well

If that’s what you can do then I can safely say that all you can do is move around models in the editor, which any environment artist is sure to know how to do and to be honest, anyone can do it after watching an introductory video; it’s not a very valuable skillset. Sooooo yes, it does certainly look like you need modelers (as you can’t model, apparently) buut… but they don’t need you - you don’t bring anything useful to the table

pick up your favourite 3d suite, because if you want to realize this (copyrighted) idea of yours, you’re going to have to become at least *somewhat *capable of something

I can see you are a very nice guy, thanks you.

And btw, i didn’t see the introductory video.

The modding community has a chronic problem with Ideas Guys.

You are basically saying, “Hi, please model for me for free, I’m the Ideas Guy of the mod.”

The Ideas Guy is always the most expendable because all he does is come up with ideas for the others to work on. Little hint: Modelers and animators and texture artists and coders have imaginations too, they don’t need you to manage them, especially if they’re unpaid and you’re bringing little to the table but your ideas.

And from the samples you’ve provided us, you bring your ideas and very basic level construction to the table and are offering to pay them $0 because you expect them to be enthusiastic about your project.

Nobody gets enthusiastic about an Ideas Guy asking for free work. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but this is what your thread says to other people: I want you to bring your expertise to my project for free, because I don’t know how to do most of it.

I’m not really an idea guy because i do a part of the work.

And I don’t really demand a lot of work from the modellers, because what I need is only the assets of bioshock converted in fbx format.

And if i want to do a multiplayer mod, for Bioshock, with Unreal Engine 4, it’s because the graphics are awesome :

If someone is interest, you can contact me on Steam. (samditmissile)

I only ask you to believe me.

• Steam : samditmissile

I don’t think you have the slightest idea of the amount of work required to pull this off, and let’s not mention Bioshock is copyrighted work.

You should go for projects within your reach.

Like you want, if nobody interested then i will keep the project and wait my friend who make models when he will finish his project.

These guys are just trying to save you the trouble. You’re not making a multiplayer mod for Bioshock, you’re ripping assets from the game and building a whole new game with it. If it happens to get anywhere, it’s probably going to be shot down by copyright. Even if the game is free, it’s built using their art, their story, and their content.

At the very least, you weren’t planning on selling this, were you?

Ripping models (and animations) is the least of your problems. Good luck getting dirty with trying to get the guns to work the same way they do in Bioshock- let alone the Plasmids! Hope you know coder|scripter wizards as well!

Anyone who started out interested in this stuff most likely has had a similar moment or idea. The problem is that you don’t understand how in over your head you are. Before you worry about assets, try actually getting a working Plasmid weapon in-game with a placeholder hand. The model is the least important part. Your goal is going to require a hell of a lot more than some ripped assets. You should take your enthusiasm elsewhere to further develop your skills so that one day you can develop a working proto-alpha of a Bioshock or Bioshock-Inspired multiplayer mod/game that doesn’t rely on stolen content.

Report back in 2 years when you have the first models imported into UE. The idea sounds great!

A few things:

Firstly, what EXACTLY are you doing? “A Bioshock multiplayer mod in UE4” isn’t very informative. Come to think of it, I’m not very confident any of the Bioshock games support modding very much.

Secondly, You need to offer some kind of reward for this. Modelling from scratch is a lot of work.

Thirdly, as stated earlier, the “ideas guy” is not a very important part of the team. What are YOU doing for this project?

Fourth, how are you planning to put this to use, assuming it does get finished? You’d need servers, a metric fuckload of coding, and the Bioshock license. Do you have coders? Do you have the means to acquire the license?

-Note that it probably won’t be shot down and removed unless you’re trying to sell it for money…that is unless the owners of the Bioshock IP are pricks like Piranha Games or Games Workshop. Still, it’s not a risk worth taking.

Alsojames >

1 - It’s a little game on UE4, with multiplayer function, and in you can invite your friend to play with it and explore a little part of rapture.

2- It’s not modelling from scratch because we will convert the bioshock 1 assets.

3- I’m not the idea guy because i’m the level designer.

4- We will don’t need servers because it will be in LAN. I don’t have coders yet but i think if we show content about the multiplayer (pictures), coders will be interested. And if i’m right we don’t need a license if we don’t sell the game, it will be free.

If you’re just gonna port assets learn how to do it. Porting assets isn’t that hard.

Also any showcase of level design?