Me and my friend WhitehawkPROD are currently in the production of making a machinima on garrys mod. We need someone who knows how or is a professional at making hexed models/ragdolls for garrys mod! I will give you my steam id link.

Deedle Nick

Link to one of Whitehawk’s famous videos


Please don’t post spam topics on Facepunch.

How the heck is that spam?

Well For one, caping the the entire letters on your topic’s thread, like that going to help your request. And this isn’t the Request section.

This is, http://www.facepunch.com/forums/44-Model-Skin-Requests

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Learn to look around and read the rules, please.

As for spam, he meant you’re using up the model/skin threads for different purpose.

Then please, tell me how to rewrite this…

  1. Actually tell us what kind of work is needed. “Making hexed skins” could mean anything from “hexing pre-existing skins so we can use them simultaneously” to “making dozens of complex model hacks from things that haven’t even been ported yet”. Give us actual examples: “We need someone to make a skin of t_arctic with forest camo”, etc.

  2. Give us a reason to work for you. Seriously, did you expect people to flock to you, demanding that you let them work for you? No! I don’t care how popular your machinima is (and it doesn’t look like it is), you need to give us some sort of incentive. At the very least tell us what the thing is going to be about - that way, anyone who thinks “man, I would really like to see that” would have a reason to help.

The biggest incentive, of course, is waving cash under our noses, but that’s not really common or necessary. And honestly, you’ve come off as such an inexperienced jerk that even that might not work.

  1. Put it in the right section. Main section here is for WIP threads, tutorials and help request threads (“how do I do X”, not “I need helpers” threads). This is a request, it goes with the other requests.

  2. Never write anything in all capitals.

  3. Never use more than one exclamation point. If that.

  4. Don’t exaggerate. If you say something is a “famous video”, and it turns out to be some boring video of player models standing around looking moody with Coldplay music in the background, with a mere 15kviews, you’re either linking to the wrong thing or lying.

It would be fine to say “here’s something we did before”. That’s OK - even if it’s not great, it won’t really hurt. Our default expectations of people like you is “absolutely untalented - expect crappy videos with no editing and a FRAPS watermark”.

  1. Lower your expectations. Do you seriously expect a professional? I probably wouldn’t even required “experienced” - someone who’s joining up mainly to practice and learn is probably just what you need. And probably all you can hope to get.

As i said, request in the request section, and Gman003 pretty much listed what’s been said.
The way you approach this, the chance are, not many are going to respond your request like that.