I need a personal skin, please

The title pretty much says it all, i’m in need of a personal skin.

Nothing to advanced really, just the male09 citizen with light or dark blue jeans, white gym shoes, and a dark-blue hoodie. I’d like the hoodie to not be zip-up, have pockets, and include hood adjustment strings. Hood down also. If somebody could please do this for me, you get :love: :burger: and a polite rating.


Okay sorry, aparently this would be considered a personal model.

Everyone wants a Personal Skin these days… Anyways there should be a model pack on Gmod.org that may have Modern Citizens.

The only citizen I found with a hoodie is just a retexture, and doesn’t work when I try hexing the texture onto male09. Doesn’t work as in, gives him the hostage’s white shirt instead of a white hoodie. Please, i’d really like a personal skin.

What you’re asking for isn’t a personal skin. You’re asking for a personal model, which requires more effort and skill to do.

Nobody would like to make the model for me? I’ve seen so many other personal models that are a lot more complicated than what i’m asking for. :frown: