i need a review on gtsgameservers.com and Igamehost.com

Hi, I wanted to know how good these hosters are, so I would like people to leave a review of them in this thread, just so I can pick which one I might buy for a darkrp server, if both are crap then I would like an explanation why, also, how much stress can they take?


I’ve heard mixed things about gts and never heard about the second one. If you’re looking for something that can take a beating then get NFO; if you’re looking for just a generally good server then go with somebody like elpis.

Looking at igamehost, I’m not terribly impressed by their setup but you kinda get what you pay for.

I could never afford an NFO though :frowning:

I know the owner of igamehost. We often play minecraft on my server together. He’s a pretty good guy, and knows what he’s doing when it comes to hosting minecraft servers, but i don’t think he knows too much about source. I’d would recommend igamehost over gts though, but would recommend either elpis or nfo before either of them.

If you really want cheap hosting and can’t afford hosts like Elpis Host and NFOServers. Then give Xenon Servers a try. Sure they might be shit, but you get what you pay for.

Xenon servers isn’t that cheap, and I’m not sure about their quality anymore. Last I heard though, they still put way more servers on their boxes than I would ever be comfortable with.

igamehost is probably the best suggestion so far. Their hardware may not be too recent and their network isn’t top-teir but somebody vouched for the owner and they seem good for the price.

Lets see if you guys can point out what’s wrong with this image.



That they’re using SATA 3 for an architecture without any motherboards that support SATA 3? They could just be using a PCI-E card. They’re claiming 32+ gigabytes when the RAM purchased will be measured in base 10, but used by the operating system in base 2 so that the usable size is actually less? They probably just have multiple servers that have either 32 GB of ram or more. That there’s a mix of SSDs and HDDs? Their minecraft servers might be on nodes with SSDs while the srcds nodes run on HDDs.

Am I missing something obvious? :tinfoil:

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Is it that there aren’t any HDDs that really benefit from SATA 3?

Hmmm, they did say that they were still developing the page and that everything isnt 100% correct

http://gtsgameservers.co.uk/ is good but the owner is a shithead.
we asked to transfer the server to tcadmin 2 and he lost all my files, then he came on my server and threatened to shut it down because we were complaining about him loosing all our server files.

as you may of seen from my other post, i want to use it for my darkrp, which has quite a few entities/addons

I’m with GTS i had so many problems at the start… not very caring of their customers although they randomly gave me a free server not sure if it’s an accident or anything but the pay is good and they have a glitch in there order, if you get DDOS Prot, High Cpu, and cant remember the other one and pay in a bulk of 2 months or more they dont charge for the DDOS and high cpu etc… so equal choice :slight_smile:

In making my listings one of those was not seen by me and the other failed to even load when I tried to find anything out.
This may not be very accurate at the minute and is only a quick throw together to guide you. Quality obviously may range between provider and only a proper review can give you what any one provider is like.

I googled the name of the one you weren’t able to access - works fine for me?

Seems to have returned from the dead :confused:

arg, i need to make a decision, i need something affordable and powerful enough to support my server :frowning:

Wow, Facepunch I’m surprised at you. You aren’t attacking this guy for trying to set up the hated DarkRP on a server.

bbservers.co.uk is what i use and it works fine.

(despite the co.uk it’s based in the USA)

Failure is the only thing that stop them, once they get it out their systems all will be fine once more.

Well i am sorry guys, but i dont care whether you like darkrp or not, can we get to the point, and thanks tyler