I need a round system for my gmod gamemode

I am working on free for all gamemode and im trying to make a round system but i cant seem to figure it out.
I want it to broadcast when the round starts
and when its over and who won.
And the timer is 10 min and kill limit is 30.
Also a variable so i can add the timer to my hud.

Thanks all help is appricieted i will give you credit in the scripts

So we must code your gamemode?

Dont worry, we get credit in the scripts though so thats good!

Obviously how else would he get it done?

Break it down into smaller pieces and it’ll feel a lot easier. Look into how timers work, if you haven’t already, since at it’s core, that’s essentially all a round system is

I did something similar a while back and if I recall, I made a function on Initialize, which created a timer to check for players every x seconds. If we had 2 or more people, we then run the round start function, otherwise keep checking. In said round start function, we create a timer that is the length of the round and inside that, have the round end function.

If you feel this is too complicated, look into using Fretta as a base as that already handles the round system for you