I need a script that ZA WARUDOs

Ok, I am thinking about having a 2-player game where you throw a shitload of knives, and when you get a kill the enemy you can stop time (Physics-timescale) and it also inverts the colors for 5 secs by pushing “Insert button here”.
The other player’s screen gets freezed in inverted colors too, and they can’t move/turn around for 5 secs. During that time the time-freezing player can throw a shitload of knives @ the enemy.

The knife is already modded, i just need the time-freeze :smiley:
If any of you can fix this I’ll owe you my knife ;D

And if you can to it, can you atleast guide ME on the right path for doing it?

this is why you search first, sir
and have this box since you couldn’t even post in the right section

But i need a version that only works after you have gotten a kill. Also, that doesn’t invert the colors (Black and white =/= Inverted colors), the other players doesn’t stop.

Also, the help section told me I should post it here soooo…

Not the help section. This is a request, notice the giant Requests subforum on the top of the LUA subforum.