I Need a Server.cfg File Pasted.

Faze here again with another question based soley because of my bad memory from not doing this forever…

Can somebody please paste a server.cfg file for a DarkRP server? I’m having issues with mine that I know can be fixed with a better config file.

Can you make one?

Forgive my IT security background, but has this been proven safe to download?

Should be, I did a scan and it’s should be safe

Has anyone actually used it? I don’t trust AV applications, at least consumer-grade ones.

log on

hostname “Garry’s Mod”
rcon_password “”
sv_password “”
sv_region 255
sv_lan 0
sv_logbans 0
sv_logecho 0
sv_logfile 1
sv_log_onefile 0
sv_noclipspeed 5
sv_noclipaccelerate 5

sbox_allownpcs 1
sbox_godmode 0
sbox_plpldamage 0
sbox_playergod 0
sbox_noclip 1

sbox_maxprops 150
sbox_maxragdolls 5
sbox_maxnpcs 10
sbox_maxballoons 10
sbox_maxeffects 50
sbox_maxdynamite 10
sbox_maxlamps 20
sbox_maxthrusters 30
sbox_maxwheels 20
sbox_maxhoverballs 20
sbox_maxvehicles 6
sbox_maxbuttons 20
sbox_maxsents 20
sbox_maxemitters 5
sbox_maxspawners 3
sbox_maxturrets 2

net_maxfilesize 30

sv_minrate 0
sv_maxrate 20000
decalfrequency 10
sv_maxupdaterate 66
sv_minupdaterate 10

// execute ban files
exec banned_ip.cfg
exec banned_user.cfg

The other dark rp variables can be changed in the F4 tab i think

Thank you good sir.