I need a spot of help with my ship.










My problem is the rigging; I found these models and figured I’d use them because they’re quite good, but the door to the front cabin cannot be used as the rigging model blocks the “E” use function on it. The models have their collisions disabled so they make no difference in any other way, does anybody know how to fix this?

Do you mean rigging as in part of a ship or the technique of placing bones and joints in model files. :v:

Pretty sure he means rigging as in ship.

Ah, well in that case, create a nodraw brush for the door and make it a func_button, then make it so that the button opens the door, as if it’s opening normally.

Yeah but then it won’t let me push the button since the prop’s model is still in the way. Also, it blocks bullets. :S

I need a way to make the prop’s model illusionary, it’s too flawed.

Just change the solidity of the model and then use a func_button.

How do I change the solidity of the model?

Go to the collisions box and change it to ‘Not Solid’.

That’s a badass boat you got there

It was as default, but it still blocks bullets and the +USE function.

I need to have another play with this, where exactly is the collision box? Am I looking at something else?


Scrap that, got it working. :smiley:

Where can i DL ?

It’s not available for download yet, the OP would have posted a download link if there was.

Also, OP - use a water texture without _cheap after the file name