I need a TANK

I bet this gets requested every know and then but people that can do it just don’t. Can somone please for the love of god make me a tank vehicle that fires missile.

I mean a vehicle not a stupid adv. It canot be hard. I see alot of vehicles that fire bullets so it canot be much harder to make it rockets.

There has to be somone able to do this so insted of just looking and ignoring this request for a tank please make it. It is one of the 4 types of vehicle gmod needs.
we have (cars/boats/planes) but the 4th one is tank and we aint got it yet.

To make this you’d need a tank model in peices which I can’t find anywhere and the tracks would be a pain so its not as easy as it sounds

Dan’s NPC pack had tanks

I’ll have a look at it and see if it would work

That was an NPC, he wants a driveable tank that can shoot

If it can be done with an npc it can be done with a vehicle.


Carn’t somone take the animations and things from the npc and put it into the vehicle or something.