I need a texture

I need a texture like the one below. Not the exact image converted into a vtf, just one like it with alternating, equally-spaced lines of black and white. Also, it has to be as high of a resolution as you can reasonably do. I would make it myself but I use Mac OSX so my options for trustworthy vtf editors are limited. Thanks for the help!!

You can just use the image you just posted as a texture lol

I need the texture as a $basetexture for a vertex-lit material for a model in GMod. I have tried using png files as textures before, and it doesn’t work.

You should be more specific unless you want a 4096x4096 texture.


The only issue I’ve had with using a PNG was getting a weird warped-looking texture on import, but it always displayed fine in-game. If you basically want something of the exact same idea, I can just convert that image to a tga (or vtf) for you if it’s easier.

What do you do to get a Material to properly use a .png or .tga as a texture?? Whenever I try, it just uses the default “Green.vtf” error texture…

And if I can’t get that to work, it would be awesome for you to convert the image to a .vtf for me! Not the image in my original post; that one’s just a sketch. Try the one below. If it’s too big, let me know.

Source in general can only read .VMT and .VTF formats for textures, to my knowledge. Trying to use .TGA or .PNG isn’t going to work unless you convert them to a .VTF and set up a proper .VMT for the model to read.

I figured, that’s why I was confused. I still need it in a vtf, then.

Use VTFEdit to convert it. You can also use GIMP or Photoshop with the appropriate .VTF plugin, if necessary.

I use a Mac. VTFEdit isn’t made for OSX, the GIMP VTF plugin isn’t made for OSX, and i’m pretty sure that the VTF plugin for photoshop won’t work on OSX.

I don’t use GIMP myself, so I can’t tell you where the plugin is supposed to go. As for the Photoshop plugin (which you shouldn’t automatically assume won’t work on OS X) is easy to install, but it seems to have a 50-50 chance of working or doing nothing (if it works the first time, you’re good - if not, oh well). Here’s a mini-installation guide:

  1. Navigate to your Photoshop directory (an example from my computer would be C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\ as the location).
  2. Drop the VTFLib.dll file directly into your Photoshop directory
  3. Navigate into the ‘Plug-Ins’ folder, find the ‘File Formats’ folder.
  4. Drop the VTF.8bi file into the ‘File Formats’ folder.
  5. Launch Photoshop, then see if you can save the image you’re wanting as a texture in the .VTF format.

If that fails to work for you, then just use Wineskin or WineBottler for Mac to run VTFEdit.

I currently do not have photoshop… where would I get it for OSX?

You can get Photoshop CS2 for free from Adobe’s website, if I remember correctly.

Where do I get the correct plug-in?

You can get the Photoshop plugin here.