I need a very complex script for a very decent price!

Hi there people!
I’m looking for someone to write a script for 3DS Max for a very good payment (9000$). The script itself is very complex, so it demands for a professionally skilled person, who also knows basics of 3DS Max.

Here are some example scenes (for 3DS Max 2014, 2013 and 2012), which also describes details of the task.

Contact info:
Mail: megacrash23@yandex.ru

It would be better for you to NOT include your Skype or email information, and instead actually describe what it is that you’re wanting. All you say is that you want a script written for 3DS Max; okay, what’s it going to be used for? Just saying that the script itself is very complex and then throwing contact info (which some people might abuse) without giving any actual details is extremely vague.

Here you go

How about actually describing what you want?

So apparently this was tucked away in the example:

The wording of this is so strange.

What exactly is so strange for you?

Grammar, spelling, and a rather bad explanation.

Namely; “Which are also can be.”

It’s a pretty barebones explanation of what you want done, and its something that sounds like it could be done with simply rigging bones to it rather than making a script to do it.

Since English is not my native language i could (and i did) a few mistakes, yes.

Simply? With bones??? Show me, if that is so simple.

Passed the thread onto a technical artist buddy of mine.
But seriously, you should learn some more English to make yourself easier to understand. English isn’t my first language either, but I both write and speak it fairly well.


Thank you.

But if you look at this seriously i think it makes a difference when you are living in USA vs living in Russia (in terms of learning English). If i where on your place i would know English in perfection, not just “fairly well”.