I need a working passenger mod for TDM cars nothing seems to work...

You see i tried VC mod and I tried VU mod none of them work and i don’t know why! it seems to work on singleplayer but doesn’t work on my server. I really need help!

You need to install it on your server. Did you even do that? Or just installing on your computer and then joining a server?

I installed it to my server and i force downloaded it

There’s no need to force download it because it’s mostly serversided code.
Before the multi-seats work, you need t o make sure that there are scripts packed with it.
TDM Cars has those on default because the creator takes time to set up the seats. Some cars don’t have seats and custom added ones won’t have them either.

ok will do!

still doesn’t work and idk how to tell if the script has passenger seats in them

bump still doesn’t work need help!

There should be a readme for Master Chris’ vehicle controller. Read it.