I need adv lua coders!


so all you of you can shut up and stop making predictions

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/wrong section" - postal))

And the reward for such jobs is?


I can guarantee you that no skilled coder will trust the payment of donations. It’s a stupid way to pay someone with.

The fact that you want a DarkRP edit has probably turned just about every good coder away from you, and to top that you’re going to pay them in donations which is a very idiotic way to pay someone. Since you’re paying with donations you’re probably some 10-13 year old thinking you can run a server from donations.

how do you know where 10 - 13 years old
we are editing darkrp because we need something to help us make the gamemode we are planning to make when we get more devs

Both sentences made no sense to me, but you can keep dreaming. No one will help you rename DarkRP and take full credit for it.

we are not taking full credit because we are just adding custom scripts and we need help to get it finished

Are you dull in the head? DarkRP is one of the most hated gamemodes, you’re not going to find anyone that will accept a job from a kid that can’t even pay them upfront.