I need an idea guy


I few months back I started working on some sort of ban list with an API(in PHP) but ended up stopping and now since this thread exists I don’t think that would be a good idea. I recently started working on a web based server control panel in Node.js but stopped after a day or two because I realized it would take me forever and that only a handful of server owners would use it.

No here I am, out of ideas of things to do with Node.js + express and Garry’s Mod. Please send help.

Make an online top-down map of your server that updates every so often. Allow people who visit the website to select an area on the map, and have a button that will connect them to the server and set their spawn position to the area they selected. Allow people to bookmark these locations on your server using URLs that they can use to connect.

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Actually that’s an awesome idea I might have to try that myself

An Shirt generator Website, which then applies to your char ingame?

Just make sure its not abuseable to get into peoples bases :wink:

This is an interesting idea, the hard part would be to actually generate the map. However I see little to no use to this.

That would be extremely useful on large maps, (not some downtownshitmap). Also for gamemodes like GmodDayZ

Agreed, like you could mark entity spawns on the map/good spots where the equipment spawns

How about an automatic donation system that only works with charity sites? ;D

How about an api that grabs all FP users, and makes them superadmin on the server? ^-^

There isn’t really a need for a web app for that anyway, it would make much more sense to just do everything in Lua because you would be able to easily display the map.