I need an idea

I need an idea for the most epic shit ever to build. I know everything from assmod to wiremod. Tell me what to build I’m so fkn bored!

Build a hotel. With working TVs, phones, elevators, etc.

Build a computer with out the PC mod and just wire!

Are you shitting me? Too easy. :stuck_out_tongue:



do it!

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Are you shitting me? Too easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do it then if its too easy!

You must have missread the idea. It is a PC WITHOUT PC mod.

If it is easy for you, then you must be a wire-god.

build a statue of yourself

You able to rip models?

Make a Rube Goldberg machine and video it.

Build a new map


Build a mass destruction robot that fires nukes and poops ragdolls.

-make a guitar using sound emmiters for the diffrent string sounds!
-build a television with a working remote to change channel
-build a defense robot that attacks people that attack you,if you know expression 2 program it with chat commands such as attack defend stay return,
-build a monster truck with working suspension ^.^
-build a plane with working wheels that come down off the bottom for landing, and a door that flips down to enter for passengers to sit in like a real airplane

Done, will take screen shots AND A LOLDEMO

edit: CRASH :confused:

Like in that one xkcd comic, start in a desert map, and build circuits out of rock patterns.

Use the circuits to make a computer.

Then use it to simulate the start of the universe, and everything that comes after.

Well I have made a fully animated screen before with custom animations :open_mouth:

try building a base which can drive onland and in the sea and can fly in the sky

It sounds hard but I could do it.

that just needs wheels, buoyancy and hoverballs