I need an Up-to-Date Source Recorder h264 Tutorial

I have done everything in my power to try and make source recorder work with h264, and have made literally no progress. I have a ton of demo files I would like to use, but have experienced bugs like nothing moving in the demo, no file saved at all, glitchy camera after respawning, and can’t find any free external programs to use that have decent quality. I have quicktime installed, and every other tutorial doesn’t work or is so old the .avi method still worked. Yes, I know this thread has probably been made hundreds of times, but nothing else works for me. So I am just asking for a tutorial that actually works for me.

Are you using Garry’s Mod 13 Beta?

And if I could throw a suggestion, you can playback the demo, and while it’s playing, use FRAPS. It records an uncompressed AVI which is HUGE, but you don’t lose quality and you can later compress it in editing.

Of course, in certain situations this isn’t possible.

I don’t have the money for FRAPS, and pirating isn’t an option. 30 Second videos just won’t do it. And no, if I were using 13 Beta I would have used the new demo commands, which I desperately want in current gmod.

I really need a tutorial for this.