I need BETA testers for my map.

Hello I’m working a map called gm_combine_vs_rebels!! (It’s the V2 of gm_combship) only that there’s no ship, both bases are gonna be underground.


Who wants to beta test gm_combine_vs_rebels??


Sign me up.

PS its still in the alpha stage

I’ll alpha test then.

ya shure? i need to fix the wall crusher…
and skybox

At present, i’m extremely bored, i’ll do it.

il help you to make your map look more Realistic and less lagg


sign me up!

ok after I fix the stuff

Stop fucking sniping threads.

alpha stage!!!

and NO editing!

after you finish your Alpha stage

I’m not, i want to test it, go away if you don’t want to test his map.

mesa do it after lag go by by.

sign me up i guess

Me too, if it’s gonna be fun I might as well give it a go. I can host the listen server if you want.

I’m gonna PM you guys


That’s enough testers!!!

Like that flagrass map? Right…

yes, because everyone who got first post is sniping threads.

It would be nice with some images. or anything. so people know what they are in with.

I’ll do it, since my map is being broken…