I Need Ezio Auditore From assassin's Creed 2

Hi everyone.
I know it has been asked a lot of times, but i have to make a video and i really need Ezio Auditore ragdoll from Assassin’s Creed 2.
The game has been released on PC, so someone could port it for garrys mod.
Thanks a lot guys.

They’ve ported it already and got it into gmod, but some assholes don’t want to “Share” it.

How do you that?

You dont need it, you just want it.

And there is no such a thing as “urgent” or “fast” when it comes to models unless you want a rushed Ezio stick figure model.

And if I’m not wrong there is an Assassin Creed model in Lillwasa’s present pack.

WHo the hell is he?

Hey, can you link me to that?

Sure thing mate:

Picture from the stuff in that pack:


(You can see the Assasin Creed ragdoll there at first glimpse)

It’s the wrong model. All he wants is the Ezio Auditore model.

All I said was “There is an assassin creed model in this pack” I never said it was that Ezio Auditore dude, I dont even know who he is, I havent played Assassin Creed and since the OP didnt linked any reference pictures I cant help been ignorant about it.

Saying you need it right now will not get you the results you want, and the information about using for a video is unneeded.
I suggest next time you make a request, you put up reference pictures to show what the subject in question you want is, ask kindly and hope for the best.
Don’t say you need it “Right now” because people will perceive you as an asshole and will not help you get what you want.

Guys i’m sory i expressed in a wrong way.

Thanks dude!

he is the Main Character from Assassins Creed 2 not counting the Modern Day Person Desmon Miles

Yes I’d just like to have ezio.

really dude? u dont know who is ezio auditore? hes from game called " Assassins Creed 2 " also hes from Relevations but older and from Brotherhood.

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hes from brotherhood and relevations too but older

This thread has been dead for a little over 2 years now, dude. Look at the date of the last post before you make yours.