I NEED Files converted for Garry's Mod!

Hey, I have two files here that I need for Garry’s Mod. If you’re willing to convert them to work for Gmod, please reply. They’re a .dff and a .txd. If you want to talk about it first, add my skype or Steam. Thanks!

Steam: Jake from Steakfarm
Skype: Avorocks


There’s no GTA shit allowed on here, don’t ask about it or you will get banned

(User was banned for this post ("Backseat modding" - Craptasket))

I just asked if anyone could convert the models for me…

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Anyone willing to convert them for me?

where did it ever say that

I edited it out because I didn’t want to be banned.

Basically we’re not allowed to discuss porting of stuff from those games on this forum.

It’s a similar situation to the arma porting.

Stuff ported to GTA then ported to GMOD is a different kettle of fish though so long as prior permission has been attained. I.e. someone’s custom car.

I know of the ARMA porting snafu, but I’ve never heard of anything relating to ripping and porting from GTA to GMod being banned, as we have Sgt. Sickness’s vehicles and so one seems to be giving him shit. I guess What he’s wondering is, where is the source verifying this claim?

It happened somewhere between 2006-2011 that’s all I really remember about it, but some people got banned for it.

Unless garry or a mod places a sticky about what games and or resources that cant be ported to gmod things about being banned for porting A or B should be silenced! because considering the amount of content from every other game under the sun gmod has it would be hypocritical to place a restriction on one game or another when everything else is being ported like a mofo, and hell if the only excuse would be oh its copyright lol then this place should be sweeling in a sea of lawsuits from every game company that ever existed so yes leave the idiocy of bans out of these threads because im sure there is no restriction on porting ANY game out there

Yeah, we’ve had all the main characters ported from GTA once or twice somewhere… and GTA is just another game. I don’t think this site is as active as it once was though, nothing ever happens other than bitching and complaining about anyone who posts.

Also, don’t you mean Want, rather than Need?

Sick… Stupid models (or better boxes) from gta sa can’t be ported? This is not Arma where BIStudio attacks people for this

This guy is so right about facepunch.

I highly doubt Rockstar gives too much of a shit. If they did say no porting, they certainly aren’t enforcing it. Look at Sgt.Sickness’ and TheDanishMasters Cars. No one gave them shit about it.

Most companies won’t waste their time, effort, or money trying to scout out people just putting their models in another game. Chances are they don’t necessarily like it, but it’s usually pretty useless for them to go out of their way to stop it. It’s another story if you’re making money off of their content, though.

If I can remember correctly, Rockstar doesn’t give a shit if anything gets ported from their games so long as the content that’s ported isn’t being used for profit or in any attempts to slander the company’s name.

Wait you also forgot the obsessive need to port anything FPS style shooters with army guys and the same guns 24/7 and to hell with anyone who even decides to consider posting a anime themed game, Or for them to be faaar to busy to think about other interesting games with variety soul calibur tekken street fighter etc, but we do have a select few of people who do take interest in these games and have made fantastic ports thanks you know who you are.

Getting off topic here. Does anyone want to help me get these ported?