i need help about these

im so done. just straight in to problems sorry

1- my game always starts with 640x resolutions and i have to change it everytime it says native in () even tho i click apply and ok or many combinations. it always starts with 640x.

  1. and the main problem is whenever i join a server or start singleplayer doesnt matter it goes black and when i alt tab and open again it shows and when i join the server (after finishing the downloading) it happens again and i do alt tab again and when i open dupes/saves it goes black again and i do alt tab again its still ok i can live with this but the REAL problem is whenever i join a multiplayer server same things happens and plus it goes black and lighter black constantly (i mean the black when monitor off and the lighter black when you can understand the monitor is on) and i have to alt tab again display coming but after 3-5 sec it goes black again and over and over but im still in server i mean i can shoot or do anything but cant get the display and last times it closes when sometimes when i open anything that makes game a frozen. i tried almost everything on the internet but i cant find the answer here is what i tried

tried to make startup properties writing there -w -h etc but it still starts with 640x tried to -dxlevel81 or other numbers

uninstalled billion times and it stills makes the same things than i found that i should delete gmod folder maybe some addon makes this and i deleted everything about gmod in Pc and uninstalled again and again it still happens and the only thing it brings i start to download addon again

so i was decided to make this post as final hope sorry for my bad english and tons of grammar errors.


(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title" - postal))

Could be something going awry with your video card