I need help adding stuff to Black Voids Deathrun Gamemode

Hello i am trying to remove this dframe that pops up when you join a server with this gamemode heres a picture

And also im trying to make it at the end of each round it makes a image popup depending on witch team one so if its a different team that one then a different image

heres the gamemode thread with example hooks and functions


This is the code that draws the menu: https://github.com/BlackVoid/deathrun/blob/bade691a58429cad5493bd089b73965c300453a6/gamemode/vgui/teamselect.lua#L30

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To add an image to the end, start a netmessage in this hook that draws the image clientside.

i have removed that file but then when i connect it spawns me in but it thinks im not connected

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Uh, you shouldn’t just remove the file. That menu is used for team selection; just remove the MOTD (which is what I assume you wanted).

no not the motd? i showed a picture of that menu? i want it to automatically go into play not spectate.

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without that teamselection thing showing

Then assign the person the team in the PlayerInitialSpawn hook.

thankyou :wink: i need sleep your right code_gs