I need help binding Q to M1 (left mouse) for rust

Good day all

I need help,your help for a matter of fact I have changed my primers attak button on rust to Q and it is not letting me change it back to mouse 1(left click) i have gotten used to it but my gameplay has reduced and I’m not as good as I was befor with combat and firearms if you could help me that would help me out a lot.

Thank you for reading this and if you find the solution please comment below and thank you taking time oh of your day for someone in need :slight_smile: :smiley:

Startup screen where you choose resolution and quality there is a tab called input.

Yes my friend

Thats how I changed ever since I have changed it to Q and I double click on it it says choose a key I press left mouse and it dosnt work thank you for reading this though

I thought maybe there is a file in the rust folder where the keybinds are saved but I can’t find it.

You could try to reinstall rust and see if it resets the keybinds. Also check after uninstall if there is any files left in steam folder.

I have already tried that twice and yet it still has Q as primery attack

I think I found out how. Double click the bind you want to change so the little grey box opens, point in the grey box with the cursor (not the white field) and click. Works for me.

In the rust game folder -> cfg -> config.cfg > “input.bind Fire Mouse0 None”

That’s what I was looking for but I don’t have a config.cfg only a client.cfg and this one has no key binds.

I have this in that file… maybe coming from old legacy

grass.on False
grass.forceredraw False
grass.displacement False
grass.disp_trail_seconds 10
grass.shadowcast False
grass.shadowreceive False
input.mousespeed 5
input.flipy False
input.bind Left A None
input.bind Right D None
input.bind Up W None
input.bind Down S None
input.bind Jump Space None
input.bind Duck LeftControl None
input.bind Sprint Mouse3 None
input.bind Fire Mouse0 None
input.bind AltFire Mouse1 None
input.bind Reload R None
input.bind Use E None
input.bind Inventory Tab None
input.bind Flashlight F None
input.bind Laser G None
input.bind Voice V None
input.bind Chat Return T
render.level 1
sound.music 0.5
sound.volume 1
footsteps.quality 2
cursor.lock True
cursor.recenter False
cursor.uncenter False
gfx.ssaa False
gfx.bloom False
gfx.grain False
gfx.ssao False
gfx.shafts False
gfx.tonemap False

Sorry had to grab a bit ill see of it works tommorow night and thank you for helping

A leftover of legacy for sure: grass.on false

Hmmm idk ill try both ill stay up if u guys have anymore suggestions

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That’s what I thought

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Sorry guys just copy and pasted my ideas discussion had to wait an hour:/

I’m presuming you’re using windows … Open Regedit navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Facepunch Studios LTD and then delete the Rust folder and exit Regedit, next time you start Rust the controls will be reset to default.

Omg thank you! It really means a lot :slight_smile: