I need help choosing a map.

I need a post-nuclear / post-apocalypse roleplay map for a 24 slot server.
I need it to be ABOUT the size of RP_Downtown_V4C.
I need it to be able to support about 24 players, NONE more, NONE less.
I need it NOT to have useless random shit like rp_cscdesert has (random secret bases, etc.)
I need it NOT to have NPCs in it.
I need to have been made SPECIFICALLY for Darkrp.

Any suggestions?

Go to garrysmod.org and search for DarkRP and then all the maps created for darkrp should be there. It is really simple. Otherwise, you could pay a map maker to create you a map for DarkRP if you’d like that. Btw, don’t ask me for that, I don’t know any map maker and I’m not one myself.