I need help deleting All garrys mod addons and/or completly deleting my gmod to be fresh like when I just got it.

Alright so iv been tinkering around a little trying to remove all addons. My first thought was delete the addon folder. Did nothing all my 200 something addons re-downloaded. Next I deleted my gmod folder inside my username did noting after a struggle of getting my gmod to work again still, the addons keep re-downloading. Then I deleted the folder in common same results as the gmod folder in my username. So right now my Gmod works fine but im getting tired of all these addons some are glitchy cant quite pin point witch are incompatible and so on so right now, you can see I need help.

So in shorter terms how do I completely remove all my addons and/or delete my gmod as I would like to totally delete it then re-download it. HELP!!!:pwn:

Guys fixed the propblem, just noticed the you subscribed icon at the side of workshop. Thanks anyways!

If you downloaded from the workshop… Just unsubscribe?

he subscribed to 50-200+ addons? yeah, that takes years to unsubscribe to it all

Theres no way to unsubscribe to every single addon at once… Other than that just delete the addons in your addons folder.

Even if you delete them they’ll reinstall. You’ll just have to unsub 1 by 1.