I need help finding the Animation Sequences used in this SFM Animation

Hello there,

So I’ve been having trouble with finding the Animation Sequences used in this SFM Animation video made by Modest Cube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPb2vbgbJqY

I’m looking for the idle_melee, swing, run_melee you can see mostly used in the video, I’m asking so I can use them in SFM for a TTT Style Animation, I’ve been downloading models from the Garry’s Mod Workshop hoping to find the sequences but I’ve only found the “Swing” and not the rest that really matter to me. I’ve also looked into the HL2 folder in SFM and also exported the Garry’s Mod Dir pak file, which has alot of sequences but none of the ones I’m looking for seen in the SFM Video.

The sequence your looking for was probably made directly in sfm. Or at the very least edited.

Yes there are a few poses that have been edited, like the terrorist putting his hand on his chin, the terrorist pointing at someone after a Knife has been thrown at his Head ect, but the rest like the Terrorists running with crowbars and using fists they’re HL2 Sequences used by Garry’s Mod.

The Sequences I’m looking are main basic movements of how players in Garry’s Mod move for example these photos show what I’m looking for.

Not sure if this helps, the full name of the sequence is ACT_HL2MP_IDLE_MELEE, that’s one of the sequences I’m looking for.