I need help fixing my Garry's mod

For some odd reason the game can run and go into servers and play sounds, but the game itself isn’t showing on my monitor…

It was about a week ago when my friend invited me to his server, so I started to join his server. But about 4 day before I got a new monitor that was bigger than my previous, so I had to change the resolution in game. But I changed it in-game and this is when the problem starts, the game froze I sat there for 5 minutes. I decided to turn off my computer and then start it up again, but when I started Garry’s mod the menu didn’t show up and I couldn’t play it anymore. A day later I found out that you could use the buttons and hear sounds, so it wasn’t completely broken. I asked a friend of mine if he can help and we tried everything that we could, delete it and re-install it, verify it, verify TF2, and download a lua script, and still nothing. He told me the last thing to do it delete all files, but I don’t really mess with that stuff so I didn’t do that afraid that I was going to mess something up. I tried to turn off steam cloud then delete it and re-install it today, but still nothing. At this point I have no idea what to do and I’m just thinking of giving up on trying to fix it and play other games. If you know how to fix this problem, I would really appreciate it.

Download a lua script

uhhh what was that script?

but other possible solutions
run -config in your start up options this will reset it back to default, you can remove it after

The lua script was this https://github.com/robotboy655/gmod-lua-menu

I tried this and it didn’t help with my problem, but thanks for trying to help :smile:

Did you try and reset the gmod graphics settings? If so do that in the config file.

sorry for the last response (doing school stuff), I tried resting it but it didn’t work.