I need help [Garry's Mod]

Hello to Everyone.
I am new in facepunch and do not orientate myself very well but already I will fix them up…
well the point is that i have a problem with my Gmod
the problem is, i ran the game but at the second it throws a BlackScreen and closes. This started happening when i installed the Half life 2
Thank you from already ^ - ^.
Regards and luck to all.

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Is it very obvious that it uses google translator?

If any of you guys can help him he does legally have GMod, etc.

System Specs, Any Addons installed, Last time it worked

You probably didnt run HL2.

I’ve ran in to u ones.

reinstall ur gmod. I’m working out the same problem with one of my clan members. We are waiting for a new gmod patch now. Might be that.