I need help getting back into Garrysmod

A few years back when Gmod 13 launched, none of my computers could play it, so I just torrented an old version and played it. I eventually bought a new computer and upgraded the utter shit out of it. I haven’t found any servers on hamachi for quite a while and decided to give Gmod 13 another shot.

I can max it out on my new(er) computer, everything’s moved a bit, but that was easy to get used to. Back in Gmod 12 you had shit servers, tons of them, but easy to recognize and avoid. It only took about 10 minutes to find a nice server and waste the rest of a night on. But now it seems impossible to find any decent server. The new menu with the whole “server ratings” is utter BS, the top rated servers seem to have the most minges and micspammers, no freaking admins or even mods around. I was on a server today that explicitly stated “no PVP build only” in the MOTD/Rules and the server title. A mod was even there, excellent right? I start building, and this mod comes back from being afk or whatever, runs up to me and says “hey this is PVP only go find somewhere else to build”, although not completely assholic, the server DID say “no PVP build only”. I have dedicated 3 weekends now to trying to find 1 fucking server.

You want to know what my requirements are?

  • Build allowed / no PVP builders
  • active mods / admins

That’s 2. apparently that is way too much to ask for, which is complete bull. YES I am pissed. That’s (6 days x 2-5 hours each) 18 hours of sitting staring at a loading sign waiting to be spawnkilled by a RPG. At that, its fucking uncreative, I’m convinced that all of the builders left because I have yet to be spawnkilled by a fucking E2.

Is there something I am doing wrong? Or did the whole sandbox concept of Garry’s mod up and leave when I did?

Good sandbox servers exist.

I run the GGG family of servers, they’re 100% sandbox servers with global access to !god. GGG Toshkent is the server out of the group that usually has the most people building on it (

Other servers that run a similar setup are TBB (, and Adults Discobuildo (I can’t find the server IP at the moment).

There might be something to your statement that “the sandbox concept of Garry’smod up and left” - I can’t find half the quality servers I used to play on in my history.

most of the quality died when the horde of children flooded the community in the wake of youtubers playing the game, but there are still a few good sandbox servers. if you want a relatively small one then try looking for aycerus (not as many minges because i think it has a grammar check on first join)

An apparently popular sandbox server recently has been metaconstruct.

Might want to check that out.

Well I don’t know about you but when I paid for my “Legal-Copy” of Garry’s Mod I never had any problems with other peoples servers nor did I ever steal it. It’s 10 dollars people. I’ve also been playing for more than 6-8 years. So yeah. Also Tunngle would work better in my opinion but port forwarding never killed anyone right? I must admit for you getting so upset it kind of makes me feel good. I’m sure First World Problems do exist in most cases, such as yourself. How do people get pissed? Are you petty? Wah? I do agree that mingeful E2’s can get old real quick but not make me mad. Every server is made by someone different. Stop assuming they are all the same. The whole admin thing is an extra. Some servers do better also without any mod’s or admins etc. Yes people really fuck up the fun for us online sometimes. We know that. At lease I do. So why not make a better server for yourself and your friends with a password server? It’s free to make a server you know. Just talk to your ISP before starting one. Bills shouldn’t be to high but just make sure they don’t give you a bulk of fees. You’re correct people are shitty sometimes I get that but the whole First World Problems isn’t logical. You’re not doing anything wrong. You make some-what of sense to me. You should assume that Garry’s Mod is on your shoulder, now that’s dramatic as hell. Why would you sit 18 hours or more just staring at a screen? Sounds unhealthy but okay. MOTD’s are MOTD’s you might as well take the time to read them or leave the server etc. Mic spammers are fucking funny. But only to be. I remember someone mic spamming on a Dark RP server the Pokemon Theme/ dubstep also XD. I’ve never laughed so hard in that game. EVER. To me Garry’s Mod is Garry’s Mod. Just like here. IF you get banned. Oh well there’s tons of servers. IF someone calls you mean names, you block them and not debate about if something is right or wrong. IF someone says they are hacking you. Then say okay. They can’t hack. Most people who hack don’t waste it on scrubs. I’m pretty sure that hacking threat BS started on console online gaming. Well anyway’s hope you think I’m dumb and ban me for expressing my idiot self for being a poopface. :slight_smile: Have a great day or day(s). LATE

(User was banned for this post ("Extended - Stop bumping threads with nonsense posts" - Blazyd))

Meta has dynamic physics which break most contraptions, not to mention the flood of noobs and kiddos on their servers. I suggest you play on servers which require a minimum hour count on GMod like a server I know of with 100h minimum.

This might be just slightly off topic, but you know what I think might help with the deathmatch stuff on sandbox? Because even if I’m 100% safe from being killed randomly, it’s still somewhat annoying hearing gunshots and shit while focusing. Why not incorporate something similar to the “TTT Spectator deathmatch”, where only people in the deathmatch mode can see, and harm each-other.

That way you can just put godmode on all players except those in the deathmatch mode, and it keeps deathmatchers from being a nuisance.

I checked out acyerus servers, and I think we got a winner here!

Great staff, friendly and helpful people on the server, only seen one minge there, and I think he left after about 10 minutes from boredom (lol).
I haven’t checked out anything else yet because I’m on vacation, but I’ll get to it if the others are this promising.

What the hell makes you think I stole it? I have a completely legal version of Garrysmod that I bought back in 2010.

Plus if you read the first line, I only torrented version 11 because:

  1. My computer would not run version 13
  2. All my fucking addons broke in 13, I’ve been told wiremod didn’t work for 6 months.

Can you not read?
I’m not even going to argue with the rest of your nonsensical essay, since you didn’t even read 2 lines of mine.
It’s these people that are the reason this game has such a shit community.

Fuck off, maybe? Stop talking shit about us.

How do minimum hour counts help? Most shitheads have at least 100h.

Need some water…? I was talking about your players, not the server itself except for the dynamic physics, which might be good to decrease lag but still tend to break contraptions which are based on physics, like bikes.
And to lurker, I guess you are wrong on this one. Most shitheads have less than 100h, at least from my experience. For anyone above that, there are staff members to deal with them.

Anyone remember when people didn’t need to be godmoded because everyone was respectful?
I remember a build server on this epic map(forgot the name) and I used to build wire trip turrets, good shit.

i got banned for shooting a crossbow at a moderator too many times

Sounds like GMod to me, I once joined a server on GMod and got banned for some gay reason that I can’t recall off the top of my head but it was something along the lines of “hi” it seems GMod has really gone downhill, but these days I just lure idiots into my server and force their mic on then I kill them repeatedly, usually leads to some pretty good results.