I need help GMod is freaking out for me

i downloaded Gmod today and tried to play it but this happens.
http://gyazo.com/1c7a11498c53b7f402751a8353f68eca.pngbut i was able to play it before. with out this happening

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Does anyone know why it does this?

Put all of your settings to the minimum and go from there. If it doesn’t work reinstall it.

Your videocard is broken

ummmmm i dont have a card its a chip on my mother bored

Get a videocard, you are now using your crappy onboard one.

Turn down your graphics, reduce the resolution, check if your video drivers are up to date, if all of that fails try adding -dxlevel 81 to your start up options.

Contrary to what some people think EVERY COMPUTER has a “graphics card” the graphics card is what controls what’s on the display, regardless of if the card is integrated or a physical card.