i need help got banned with no reason

hi all… just got banned on facepunch milan server… all others server work well… i dont know why i got it tell me how to fix it pls

sounds like the admin banned you from that server. no way to fix it, odds are it’s permanant, but only for milan.

yes just admin from this server banned me… the problem is he did with no reason and now what can i do? because my team play on this server and i want too…any idea pls

There must be a reason why he banned you. Tell us what you did. Be mature.

The only reason I’ve seen people get banned on officials is for spamming and associating with hackers. They don’t false ban either, so lying isn’t going to get you anywhere.

i don’t think so… i didn’t nothing from all that you said and i got it and isn’t this… other guys got banned for days and others for permanant this isn’t normal from admin because I DIDNT use any hack…
i just looted one guy after him banned was near me and i got too…
anyway i ask your help if you can help me its welcome…

He was probably banned for hacking, and you were taking advantage of his hacks by looting stuff he probably got with his hacks.

^^ probably this if you looted a player that just got banned.

either way, it’s up to the admin who banned you to decide if they want to undo it. until then, i’d suggest moving to another server.

A lot of people seem to have problems with the definition of the word “ban”.

like it but i need to speak with admin… i quess?

You were playing with the hacker and I banned you from the server because of that. No, you weren’t hacking, so I didn’t EAC ban you, but you were benefiting from hacks.

This guy: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198050276020

You were on the server with him, and he’s on your friend list.