I need help / I am also looking for a co-mapper

So well i have a video here, where you can see the map. It’s a Zombie Escape map for CS:S.

As you will see in the video i have a light issue at spawn area. With the bushes.

But i am also looking for a co-mapper! So if you are interested in making this map with me, pm me or write down here in
the thread. Also other people are more than welcome to give me some ideas for the map,
As i am almost out. If you guys want a map file, for either SDK or CS:S I can upload it somewhere for you.


Uh, what video?

The link is there now! Sorry for the incovienence

Not a bad map, actually.

Make sure to sew up that area where the map leaks, maybe thats why you have lighting problems?
Give me a copy of the vmf and I’ll see what I can do.

Hi! I have actually tried to sew the map, but where do you want me to upload the vmf?


Here is a download link for the files. And compile log. But i put a password on the map files. And if you want the map files just add me on steam. I added the steam name in a txt file in the .rar folder.

-Jake :slight_smile:

Uhh, where’s the link?

Oh wow again? This site is messing with me… http://www.speedyshare.com/kYQPD/Here-s-The-Map.rar
The Insert link thingie doesn’t work… Well there it is!

The lighting issues on the bushes are because the materials they use aren’t vertexlit, they are unlit.