I need help i have been hacked.

Hello, my name is Zaros

So today i went on my server that i’ve made but the moment i went in it redirected me to another server. I thought it was weird so i rejoined again and it happend once more.

I decided to create a new account and join it and it worked. But a message was popping up in chat and it said “You have been hacked,Visit facepunch.com for a fix”. Now i can’t join with my new account

Please help, that would be nice.

Backdoored addon probably, check for any leaked scripts you may have, and only download things you need and/or trust.

Post edit: remove the workshop addon “Advanced duplicator 2” if it’s on the workshop.

Which one? There’s like four or five of them.

Oh noes. :v:

Honestly, if it’s not from Wire team, and it’s on the workshop, it’s probably a really dodgy download anyway.

Github link for convenience: https://github.com/wiremod/advdupe2

Official wireteam adv dupe 2: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773402917

A few addons have been identified as malicious and contain a code that re-directs players to another server, apparently. I have the same problem as you, but what I did was I restarted my server and changed my client password for security purposes, once I searched what this problem was, I found this an addon called “Anti Backdoor” which seemed to fix it, although it shows a LUA error in game saying the following:

I don’t really know what this error is, but besides this error, everything has been fixed and the problem has not continued (for me anyway)

The “cl_client_connector.lua” seems to be found in that dodgy workshop upload of Adv Duplicator 2 mentioned above. So it’s quite probable it’s that addon which is at fault here. You can unpack the .gma and see if that file is there and has anything like CompileString or RunString in it.

Could you please give me a link to the EXACT adv dupe 2 workshop addon you’re using? I’d like to unpack it myself.

Yeah sure gimme a few to find it, I unsubbed to it and removed it from my content pack as soon as I read about it.

I’ll try to find it now.