i need help joining my own server

ok I can’t join my server cause each time i do i get an error. I know what your thinking. “geez your an idiot, you have to port forward your router”. well the fact is is that i have made a server before and it worked perfectly and i was able to join and so were others. but i recently deleted all my files to make my computer run faster, so now i made another server and people can join , but i can’t for some reason. I get this error,“cannot allocate server ip port” or something like that. ok i have already forwarded ports 27015. also i have forwarded 27000, 27050 also. my firewall is down and there is nothing i can think of. i have aso tried multiple other forwards and nothing is working. and don’t go saying this is a stupid thread cause i have been trying for 2 days, almost 10 hours, facepunch is my last hope so plz help me.

is there something missing from these files?

So like when you click create server it just says “Cannot allocate server IP port.”?

no, when I join the server.

What is in your server shortcut?

C:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map rp_downtown_v2 +maxplayers 20 -autoupdate -port 27015


plz tell me i did something wrong.

il post some pictures

also when the server is running my port isn’t open, but when it’s not there open. i checked with pfportchecker


WAIT, I CAN’T JOIN ANY SERVERS, I GET THE SAME ERROR. what should I do. should i reinstall gmod or something?

No don do dat bc the game dont lod then bc you delted it. :downs:


ok i found out that i can’t join any servers while my server is running. but when it isn’t running i can join them. i was using pfchecker and it said my ports aren’t open when the server is going. does this help.

ok i got it fixed. i dont know how but im able to join now. i was messing with a bunch of files.