I need help learning how to add another bodygrouped texture to a model

So I’m trying to make another texture possible for another model that already has many bodygrouped textures, and I really don’t know how to do that. I’ve tried doing it before, but the model ended up turning into purple checkers.

The model is a TV, as it already has a texture, with others bodygrouped. I want to know how to add more, without having to hex the model over and over(I’ve already retexture its textures, but I wanted to add more to it.)

Generally you’ll need to decompile the model first.
If you decompile it and then look at the QC, you’ll notice a line: “$texturegroup “skinfamilies” {
That first bracket indicates the start of the Texture Groups. In order to add more, find out what the original VMT is named, then make a new set of brackets within the $texturegroup section and add a line that’s essentially a rename of that original VMT.

Say for example it’s “tv_screen.vmt”, and you want to add one named “tv_screen_news.vmt” that shows the news. It’d look like this:


$texturegroup "SkinFamilies"              


SkinFamilies” can actually be whatever you want, it’s just the name of the group.
Generally you can name an additional texture whatever you want, but it’s best to keep them named so that you know what they are (such as “tv_screen_news.vmt”)