I need help making my player model something that is NOT in the player model list.

I posted this before, but it was a late post and I failed hard because I was so tired. Basically, I want this model to by MY PLAYER MODEL, it is an EpU unit in HL2RP:

So how would I make it so
1: Others could see it
2: It would move the way a regular model would, because HL2RP has made that possible, so I’m sure it can be done.

Also, if I get answers about PAC editor, please walk me through it. I just started with PAC, and everything but lighting and the placement of props is a mystery to me about PAC.

Thanks in advance.

Decompile the model and put this in:

$includemodel “cs_fix.mdl”

Then recompile it.

If there are problems, let me know.

EDIT: Oh, and about the Antlion Grub problem: download this:

EDIT 2: For other players to see the model, make it in addon format, and upload to garrysmod.org.

That’s great man! Thank’s, however that was complete gibberish to me. I’m sure there is a place on the forum that will tell me how to do that… And thanks for the Grub issue fix (And looking through my screenshots? Hehe.)

Do you even know how to recompile a model?

I don’t really want you to type out a tutorial for me, that’d be asking way to much. However, I can honestly say that I haven’t a clue what you are saying. Sorry.