i need help my fastdl won't download sound

so i put all sounds in fastdlhost.com/garrysmod/sound

i put in the server.cfg

sv_downloadurl “fastdlhost.com/garrysmod/sound
sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowupload 0

when i join it won’t download

i really need help because the only thing that gets downloaded is the maps

Have you resource.AddFile’d your sounds? If maps are downloading fine (which don’t need to be), but other things that do need to be resource.AddFile’d are not being sent to the client correctly, that may be the issue

i added them to the ressource.AddFile but they won’t download.

my fastdl seems to be downloading only files that are being used by server unless i get sv_allowdownload to 1

maybe i have to put like fastdlhost.com/garrysmod/sound/song.mp3.bz2 in the ressource.AddFile

that does not work

I made a mistake in the url I gave directly the ftpserver address not the website address but it says that it downloads the files but they don’t appear in the client “garrysmod/download/sound” file

Can you give us the path to your sound files and what you have sv_downloadurl set to?

Also your code where your resource.AddFile calls are.

so the path to the ftp is http://www.marmigamed.byethost33.com/
my sv_downloadurl is set to http://www.marmigamed.byethost33.com/garrysmod

and my resource.addfile is

resource.AddSingleFile (“sound/song.mp3”)
resource.AddSingleFile (“sound/song.mp3”)


And the songs attempt to download each time you join the server?

yes I see it saying that it is downloading

Can you check your client console after connecting to your server for any HTTP errors?

fixed one of them :smiley: but the other one won’t download and is doing the same as it was doing earlier

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no http error

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ok so my server for some reason ignore the sv_allowdownload 0 inside the server.cfg

How do you know?

I typed sv_allowdown in client console and variable is 1 when I set 0

sv_allowdownload isn’t a replicated convar, so clients won’t know its value. You’re just looking at the default value.

really I didn’t know about it let me restart and check on the console if it says sv_allowdownload 1

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ok so the server console says sv_download is set 1
found why it was "ignoring it I set sv_download when I was suppose to set sv_allowdownload

Are you manually coping your .bz2 sound files to your fastdl server?

yes I add all of them manually with fillezila

Then I would say you should double check your file structure and file names to make sure it’s exactly the same as on your game server.

ok going to check that

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checked them all still does the same thing one downloads but not the other one

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Idk what I really did but it seems to have fixed it thanks for all your help guys

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making it as solved