I need help...... my gmod got destroyed

i just installed half life 2 and then. copied some files from half life 2 to my gmod folder. and boom when i try to run my gmod it says. Unable to get “IFileSystem interface from filesystem factory” somethin like dat.

i tried the method. “-steam” another error comes up.
“Cfile_system.dll failed to find steam interface” or whatver it is. please help me.

Delete your garrysmod folder located in \steam\steamapps[your username], and launch Garry’s Mod; it’ll automatically create a new and fresh folder.

what you mean??

dont want to delete my garrysmod folder i have allota addon putted in it. please any idea else?

The base Gmod files aren’t stored in your gmod folder. They’re stored somewhere else. If you accidentally delete an important file from your gmod folder, when you launch the game it will detect that a file is missing and pull another copy from storage. So if you delete your ENTIRE gmod folder, the game will put a clean replacement in and your game will be reset back to how it was when you first installed it.

Just move your addons folder to your desktop. Then proceed to delete the \steam\steamapps[your username]\garrysmod folder.