I need help on a map im making.

Im currently making a hockey arena map.

I have created the stands like so:

But ingame the stands dont even show up!!!:

Here is my map’s compile log:


Found this in your
Too many t-junctions to fix up! (5195 prims, max 32768 :: 65547 indices, max 65536)”

So what does this mean i have to do?

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This means hes helped me. thank you!

nice i love hockey!!!1!

you’re not canadian.

map should be done in a week if all goes well.

im so exited for haocky map!!! omg i cant breathe lol

this has not been done before

That is why im doing it! :smiley:

lol so original!

He was clearly inducing sarcasm.

w/e if its unoriginal then there is no point in continuing the project…

that’s the spirit!

Honestly ive worked to hard on it to just give up. so you can just fuck off. i don’t care if its unoriginal.
Anyways how many hockey maps do you see on garrysmod.org? or Game banana? none that is… and unlike other hockey maps, ive takin my time on what i do.

Keep working on it. You will never get better if you don’t practice and you won’t practice unless you do something that you want to do. Who cares if it isn’t the next most popular map in the world, you will still take pride in it and have something to learn from.

Keep up the good work.

Blocky, Repeating textures…

Fix it.

also, map needs more children for the child god.

Yes, Replace every seat with a jail cell with pictures of children…

They will be forced to watch the worst sport invented! HAHAHAHHAA!