I need help on my dark rp server custum classes not working

i have custom jobs made but it seems as if they arent uploading to the server

thats my jobs.lua
pls halp

You have to set them to single string variables, like TEAM_HOBO. Also, in the future, post errors you are getting

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what do you mean single variables give a example a noob can understand

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u there

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everybody help im going to sleep

Jeez, don’t bump the thread so much. Just change the term you are setting the job to a single word. Ex. TEAM_BMDEALER = whatever instead of Black Market Dealer = whatever.

Just because I have nothing to do, I fixed the problem code_gs outlined above.

i put your paste in my jobs.lua i dont know if its my darkrp modification thats not working

whats the error

Well I sorry I’m a noob but I’m new so how do I find a error
Is it a Lua error

Look in your console when you start your server

Good lord, you’re running a gmod server but have no idea how to find an error!?!? I seriously think you should reconsider running a server. If you can’t even do the extreme basics how do you plan on managing and up keeping a server? Drop this server and go get some experience under your belt before trying to start your own. I can already guarantee that this server won’t be to successful based on the fact that you simply don’t understand the basics. What you’re doing is the equivalent of driving a car for the first time and then saying I am going to start my own auto mechanic shop.

Well damn I didn’t know that’s how people are born they automatically know how to make a gmod server.
P.S. That’s why I am here to get help

Post your disabled_defaults file.

Line 56 is missing something, can you spot what it is?

i see it
the error doesnt show up so far

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but the jobs dont work still

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could the class ending in } instead of }) mess something up

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i edited something now it shows this and i spawn in the ground and im not owner http://imgur.com/leoWQzW

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now im owner and i spawn in spawn

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its all good now except the jobs

:thisthread: I’m dying

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You just edited something, so post it. Do not just tell us you edited a file and not post when you edited.

You should probably quit while you are ahead, editing DarkRP jobs is one of the eaiset things to code in gmod (if you even want to call that coding) and the console tells you exactly what is wrong but you don’t seem to be able to read and understand it.
Coming here and expecting us to just post you the fixed code will not teach you anything if you don’t understand what is wrong in the first place.
Go look up some tutorials on YouTube for DarkRP job shit, there is millions of them.

tell me what’s wrong with the jobs and i’ll do my best to fix it

If you can’t even set up jobs you should stop. If you can’t work that out yourself you are not anywhere near ready to run a server. It takes a small google session to find how to do it.

Please end your gmod server carrer, if you could even call this one. Delete your server and every trace of it, if you don’t know how to configure a jobs.lua and you own a server then just stop. You don’t understand lua at all, considering making darkrp jobs is just configuring an addon. It takes 5 seconds to google and find your answer to how to do this but you bumped the thread like 5 times in 5 minutes because you didn’t get an immediate response. This is a forum no one is on here every second of the day waiting on a thread. And if you cannot figure out were lua errors would go then this is just sad. Delete your server.