i need help please

will sumone send me a link to a good easy guide on how to get the downloads to work on windows vista because all the guides ive watched is for xp or windows 7 and none of the downloads work for me on gmod. yes i have put them in the right place well the right plce for windows 7 and windows xp does the version of windows effect anything?

Well mabey a better explanation on what exactly you a trying to do would help…

i am trying to get my npcs and weps to work on the game its self but wen i put them in the files they dont show up on the game can u help?

ok for gmod addons you put them in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Youraccountname\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons

Does that help?

thats what ave been doing im just wondering if its different on vistaim not trying to sound nasty or funy or out btw justsaying it dosent seem to be working do i need to download sumthing else for the downloads to work ive got winrar?

Nope should be in the same place on vista, xp and 7…

what is it your trying to download?

no not realy sorry cos that wat the vids are all saying cos ive had another look at the guides but there still not working

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erm some half lifenpcs the strider and stuff and some nazi zombies

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send is a link to a good one thats small that defo works for you

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i have a feeling im doing summit wrong with my downloads cos they the mods for black ops and stuff wont work either and waw

You extract the files?

yer i did all that

Could you fix the link to your Steam Profile?

How did you acquire Garry’s Mod?

Is it me, or does everyone in Facepunch use that stupid Justin Bieber icon. Please tell me that everyone else is seeing this.

ive got the picture it gave me cba to change hahahah and i bought gmod off steam and ive got the npcs working just dont no were to put the weapon files for other like weps dwnloads hahahaha <----- obv lol XD

Well, Windows Vista sorta sucks. I would recommend that you purchase a Windows 7 computer. Or Windows XP. Windows Vista is just a Beta of Windows 7. Windows 7 is the real deal and good for eating a meal with a side of veal.

y is it that the only npcs that i can get to work are the hl ones anyother just wont show up at aall and im doing them the same way

In vista, it’s “Program Files (x86)”

Just in case.

Yes i notic it, and tey always use bad grammar and nevar no how to type proprly. just like this

All addons for Garry’s Mod go in Program Files/Steam/steamapps/<steamname>/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons

A second request for the fixed steam profile link

does not work.

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No but seriously, please do something about your grammar. I can’t read it for more than 2 seconds.